What is International Women’s Day?

International women’s day is a day that allows us to remember the young girls who have been shot on their way to school. A day to remember and grieve over the childhoods that are robbed from the innocent girls that are forced into underage marriages. A day to remember the single mothers all over the world who put their child first, despite all the daily struggles they may be going through with no help. A day to remember the girls who are deterred from studying stem subjects at school because they aren’t ‘feminine’ enough. A day to remember all the women who have suffered sexual and emotional abuse and are made to feel like it is their fault, or they have asked for it. A day to remember all the girls and women who are told ‘No’ just because they are a woman. 

It is a day for us to assess how far gender equality has come and acknowledge that this equality isn’t present in all parts of the world. Together, we can make equality happen, through education, arts and voice. 

Happy International Women’s day to all. May this inspire you to generate the change. 

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