Why getting to know yourself is the most important job you can do in your life

Many of us go through life achieving various goals, experiencing fulfilment at many points and partaking in various relationships. But, with a small, yet constantly present, wound which prevents us from living ‘true happiness’. We don’t quite know who we are. I’m not referring to the trivial banalities of knowing one’s name, or date ofContinue reading “Why getting to know yourself is the most important job you can do in your life”

The lockdown diaries

On Monday 23rd of March 2020 at 8pm our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, came on live National TV to inform us that the situation with COVID-19 had escalated. As a result, the UK would be put on lockdown in order to control the spread of the virus. By this point the world was, and still is, inContinue reading “The lockdown diaries”

Female rage

Gathering examples on how the patriarchy is ruining our society is one of my favourite ways to relax on a rainy Sunday afternoon. There is something almost orgasmic about reading a statement that is in complete alignment with your own ideology, reinforcing your ideas even further, making your anger run even deeper. So why doContinue reading “Female rage”

Can elections ever be the same again? Has democracy broken?

1789 saw Americas first presidential election take place. Only white men who owned property had the right to vote. Fast forward 230 years and we are now reaping the benefits of living an inclusive society. The right to vote is a human right no matter your race, sex or religion, reflecting the great lengths ourContinue reading “Can elections ever be the same again? Has democracy broken?”

The beauty of Ramadan

Sometimes life can feel purposeless, as if we are just living to get by and not really feeling the moment or appreciating the life we have. Ramadan brings purpose, you wake up for Suhoor every morning and know what challenges and goals the day holds. You know that for the most part of the dayContinue reading “The beauty of Ramadan”

People just want to be understood.

This post is inspired by an event that I witnessed on the London underground train. The event left me with an urge to perfect the art of listening for the people in my life. I wanted to share this to help others become better listeners and as a result develop better relationships. It was anContinue reading “People just want to be understood.”

The five people you need.

When I was younger I used to associate happiness with buying a kinder egg surprise. The older I get the more blurred my definition of happiness becomes.  Research has identified that relationships have the deepest impact on our level of happiness, more so than any other factor combined. This brings me onto my next pointContinue reading “The five people you need.”

What is International Women’s Day?

International women’s day is a day that allows us to remember the young girls who have been shot on their way to school. A day to remember and grieve over the childhoods that are robbed from the innocent girls that are forced into underage marriages. A day to remember the single mothers all over theContinue reading “What is International Women’s Day?”

The Silver Lining of War

I recall a vivid memory from my childhood.  What began as another customary afternoon in primary school, where our teacher had asked us to draw yet another spider diagram.  This one in particular was to include words and images that we thought encompassed and represented our identity.  As is expected from children of eight years of age,Continue reading “The Silver Lining of War”

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